Pigs in Paradise: A Sure-Fire Smile

As with most people, I heard about the pigs before I saw them. And by pigs, I mean THE swimming pigs of Exuma.

Stepping onto the catamaran, I knew what I would see that day: beautiful water, hundreds of islands, iguanas, tropical fish, maybe a dolphin or two. However, the attraction I just couldn’t get out of my head was the swimming pigs. It was all anyone ever talked about before doing a boating excursion in Exuma. A quick Google tells the whole story: there are hundreds, if not thousands of amateur photos and videos of these hilarious creatures. I wasn’t alone.

But why?

They are pigs, after all. Not the most proud, regal, beautiful and glamorous creatures in the animal kingdom.

I remember our boat humming to a halt in this spectacular bay. The captain pointed through the bright sunny haze. And there they were – three pink dots and one black, powering through the blue ocean to our boats. I couldn’t help but smile. I looked around and realized everyone else on the boat was smiling, too.

That is their power, I realized. These aren’t pigs rolling and snorting around in mud. They aren’t being marched off to the slaughter house. They were prancing along some of the most incredible beach in the world, virtually steps from private islands owned by celebrities and business moguls. They were paddling in clean, perfectly clear water. The swimming pigs of Exuma are really the ultimate accident. The perfect juxtaposition.

Pigs in paradise. It a reminder that, sometimes, life isn’t about epidemics, wars, political scandals and religion. Sometimes, life is just silly. Random. So relax, sit back and watch the swimming pigs movie below.

No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, the swimming pigs put a smile on your face.

That was the inspiration behind this film.

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