Exuma’s swimming pigs hit Forbes Life

It’s official: Exuma’s When Pigs Swim™   are the most famous farm animals in the world. The Swimming Pigs are now a proper Bucket list item!


The sky is the limit for these swimming swine, as they seem to reach new heights on a daily basis.  After walking a red carpet in Miami, appearing in big ticket music videos, getting photographed with celebrities and receiving millions upon million of mentions and likes on social media accounts all around the world, these quirky creatures have now been featured in Forbes Life.

You can read the article here:

While describing the international sensation that is the swimming pigs, the article also mentions Grand Isle Resort & Spa and its popular new package that includes free breakfast and a swim with the famous When Pigs Swim™ swine.

“The popularity of the pigs continues to grow,” said Jeff Todd, Director of Communications for GIV Bahamas Inc.

“Whether you end up visiting them or not, the idea of these swimming pigs captures your attention, no to mention your funny bone. They have truly become the island’s Mickey Mouse.”

In recognition of their marketing power, GIV Bahamas Inc. released the first documentary on the swimming pigs of Exuma late last year, entitled ‘When Pigs Swim™ ‘ (www.whenpigswimexuma.com)  Since it’s release, the movie has received accolades from across North America, including appearances in three film festivals.


In turn, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has ramped up its focus on the swimming pigs by declaring that Exuma is the “official home” for the animals, while placing a preview of ‘When Pigs Swim™’ on a special section of its website: http://www.bahamas.com/swimmingpigs

So after Forbes, supermodels, celebrities and red carpets, what’s next for the pigs?

For starters, ‘When Pigs Swim™ ‘ will be featured in its fourth film festival this summer, at the Des Moines Arts Festival from June 26 to June 28 (http://desmoinesartsfestival.org/the-arts/interrobang-film-festival/). Although these pigs haven’t quite sprouted wings, the sky seems to be the limit for Exuma’s Mickey Mouse.

For more information on Grand Isle’s When Pigs Swim™  package, click here: http://www.grandisleresort.com/specials


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