Astronaut Scott Kelly calls Exuma “The Most Beautiful Place from Space”

Nasa’s astronaut’s most recent images of The Bahamas from space came on September 18 and 19 when he posted, “The Bahamas never fails to impress!” and “Been hanging out with The Bahamas again, it never gets old.”

@StationCDRKelly Sep 19

@StationCDRKelly Sep 18

His comments were part of an hour-long session where Kelly answered questions from the Twittersphere about his first 6 months in space. He has 421,000 active Twitter followers, so launching the chat with an image of The Bahamas means hundreds of thousands persons saw this photo. The Tweet has already been retweeted 974 times and favorited 2,500 times.

We know only too well that Exumas is just as beautiful up close as it is from space. Our invitation is open to Scott Kelly to come on down for a swim with us!

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