Piggie Tail REVEALED!

Anyone that has visited the swimming pigs of Exuma knows they are best enjoyed with a drink in hand, although we suppose that goes for most things on this spectacular constellation of 365 islands.

So without further ado, we introduce … the Piggie Tail. The newest, coolest and only drink of Exuma’s famous swimming pigs.

Share this recipe with a friend or bartender near you. Oink!

The Piggie Tail drink is essentially a pineapple mojito.

– Pineapple juice

– Mint

– Agave nectar

– Rum

– Club soda

– Lots of ice

– Serve in a tall glass

Swirled it with a sugar cane stick, and that’s your “tail”.

*Special thanks to Patricia Clark of All Five Senses for coming up with this amazing drink to celebrate Exuma and the Swimming Pigs*

Contact her @ www.patriciaclarkcatering.com www.AllFiveSenses.tumblr.com

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