When Pigs Swim™ goes to Hollywood

That’s right … it happened!
Charlie Smith, the director of “When Pigs Swim“, flew to LA this month to meet with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and introduce Exuma’s swimming pigs to the world. Of course, the pigs are already well known to millions of tourists, not to mention the millions more that watch the videos and giggle at the photos splashed across newspapers, websites and social media accounts around the world.
But for the first time, the swimming pigs of Exuma are going global through the magic of the Silver Screen.
Smith and Eureka Glinton, Manager at Bahamas Film & TV Commission, represented the film and the country to droves of fans that packed theaters in downtown Los Angeles for the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF). The film merited three screenings, and Smith provided Q&As to curious piggie fans.
“It was amazing that filmmakers from all over the world had heard of the swimming pigs film and wanted to see if pigs could really swim,” Smith said. “Our poster stood out among all the other posters because it was this big, blue beautiful shot of the waters of Exuma and a smiling pig in the ocean. People couldn’t beleive it!”
“I’m thankful to the Ministry of Tourism and GIV Bahamas Inc. for the opportunity to show these amazing creatures to the world.”
With PAFF under their belts, Exuma’s swimming pigs don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
“When Pigs Swim™ will be screening in Miami at the WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival at AMC Theaters Aventura on Sunday March 1st in the 1pm block of films. DON’T MISS IT!!

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