When Pigs Swim™ movie featured on the Today Show as well as our #SwimmingPigSelfie

Flip on your daily dose of internet and social media and you are sure to find us frolicking with the stars!
Recently The Today Show and NBC’s Kerry Sanders, came on down for a swim with the cool crew and wouldn’t you know it, not only our When Pigs Swim™  movie and fab director Charlie Smith get a feature, but everyone go into the swing of things and we’d say we’ve made some new fans!
Also featured was, of course, our #SwimmingPigSelfie that takes to instagram @exumadream every month!

Check out Today’s Show feature that aired on June 14th, 2016
Swimming pigs? Take an inside look at this Bahamas phenomenon Just off Staniel Cay, in Exuma, there’s a tiny uninhabited island, Big Major Cay, an island with pigs…that swim!

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