The Winner: Milena Monti

Drum roll, please …..

The winner of our FREE WEEK at Grand Isle Resort & Spa is …. MILENA MONTI, from Italy! (we think, judging by the email code). It just shows how global the swimming pigs have become.

That is the power of the swimming pigs, isn’t it?
It matters little where you come from, or who you are. Exuma’s swimming pigs are known worldwide now, and it is perhaps fitting that we also make another announcement: When Pigs Swim, the full documentary, has been accepted into the Pan African Film Festival, held each year in Los Angeles, California. This coming February, the pigs will graduate from swimming … we’re gonna have to fly!

Congratulations to Milena and thank you to everyone that entered. Didn’t win this time? Stay tuned here and on our official website for more offers, contests and news from Exuma, home of the swimming pigs!

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