The prize: Grand Isle and Exuma’s Swimming Pigs

We all know the swimming pigs of Exuma can be rather mesmorizing, but if you haven’t done so already, be sure to enter the contest for a free week at Grand Isle Resort & Spa, brought to you by GIV Bahamas Inc., through that link on the homepage.

OK, OK, visiting the swimming pigs seems like the real prize.

Since we launched When Pigs Swim, it is incredible the comments we get from our fans. The enthusiasm for Exuma’s swimming pigs is inspiring, and not to be under-estimated. It seems to be a reminder that the world is a funny, quirky place. Some things are just random, weird and hilarious. The swimming pigs are an escape.

But speaking of escapes, you could do much worse than Grand Isle Resort & Spa. So here is what you could win:

Grand Isle argubly the most luxurious resort in the Bahamas, if not the entire Caribbean. This pristine, private and exclusive resort is perched on a hill above a stretch of beach known as Emerald Bay. The roads and resort grounds, buzzing with golf carts, are immaculate and meticulously manicured. There are 78 units in total, ranging from one-bedroom villas to an amazing four bedroom Grand Penthouse, and they are extremely spacious, luxurious appointed and have breathtaking views. The campus has an infinity pool, fitness center with a million-dollar view, spa and the best restaurant on the island called Palapa Grill.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this aeiral video of Grand Isle and Emerald Bay:

Or these hi-res videos about the owners of Grand Isle:

Indeed, Grand Isle is the perfect fantasy hideaway as you wind down from a fantastical day on the high seas, after visiting the swimming pigs of Exuma.

Good luck to everyone that entered. And maybe, just maybe, lightnining will strike twice. Keep an eye on When Pigs Swim for more offers and contests down the road.

For more information about Grand Isle you can visit its website at


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