Director: Swimming Pigs were ‘buzz’ of BIFF

The famous swimming pigs of Exuma received some serious “buzz” during the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), according to Charlie Smith, the Director of When Pigs Swim.

On Dec 5th and Dec 6th, Smith walked the red carpet with other filmmakers in Nassau and mingled with travel agents, leading businessmen and local politicians.

He also did a series of radio and television interviews to promote the film.

When Pigs Swim, an authentically Bahamian film produced by GIV Bahamas Inc., tells the story of Exuma’s famous swimming pigs through the eyes of historians, tour operators and tourists. Smith, who is Bahamian and lives in Miami, said the popularity and crowd appeal of the pigs was on full display.

“We accomplished what we wanted – the buzz. All the filmmakers had heard about it,” said Smith, who has worked with well-known celebrities such as Sidney Poitier, Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

“Danny Johnson, the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture: he loved it. The Commissioner of Bahamian film, Craig Woods, loved it [pictured here with Charlie Smith, right, and Craig Woods, left]. I know a lot of travel agents were there and learned more about Exuma. If you’re getting a buzz, it’s working.”

While anyone can watch the five-minute version on When Pigs Swim’s website – – BIFF was the scene of the full film’s world premiere. Smith said that When Pigs Swim has also applied to several other film festivals throughout North America.

While the swimming pigs of Exuma have been a major draw for tourists, it has also been popular among celebrities. Supermodels, actors and music stars have all been spotted with the swimming pigs in recent years, all fascinated by these happy creatures in one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the world.

The swimming pigs can be found in at least two locations along Exuma’s archipelago of 365 islands, which represents more than half of those found in the Bahamas.

But most importantly, Smith said that he is pleased for Bahamians, as a quirky phenomenon is now being known and seen on a global stage.

“Bahamians love it. Everybody loves it and they’re proud it,” he added. “They are happy we’re putting Exuma on the map.”

When Pigs Swim was produced by Peter Nicholson, the President of GIV Bahamas Inc. and majority owner of the Grand Isle Resort & Spa in Exuma, Bahamas. His Bahamian business partner is Tyrone Munroe, a native of Exuma.

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