Piglet way out of its depth

It was with a mixture of amusement and relief that we read a recent story in a UK newspaper about a nearly drowned piglet.

The place? Covehithe beach, Suffolk.

The scene?

A poor little piglet was saved from the crashing waves by a police officer named Jason Finch. Talk about right place at the right time. So the story goes, this little porker decided to leave its calm farmer’s field, not too far away, and dove head-first into the intimidating surf.

Jason Finch said: “I have never seen anything like it…He was completely un-phased by the bubbling surf and started diving up and down among the waves for ages.”

“He became a tiny black dot in the distance and at one point I thought he was heading to France,” he added.

Surprised this is making headlines?

We’re not. There is just something about pigs and swimming, isn’t there? It captures the imagination. It tickles the funny bone. The swimming pigs are truly a global phenomenon.

As for the brave little piglet, we humbly suggest the owner enlist a few lessons from the pros down in Exuma, Bahamas. Although in fairness, we suspect the warm, turquoise, crystal-clear waters down south are a tad more hospitalble to swimming swine than the harsh, frigid tides of jolly old England.

You can read the original story here: http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/04/could-someone-save-a-farm-animal-from-the-sea-when-pigs-swim-4974643/


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