The Secret of Pig Island

When you love and follow the swimming pigs as much as we do, not too many things surprise. Until we saw a recent story on the website Global Animal called “Beach Babes: Sun, Sand and Swimming Swine”.

The whole article seemed standard enough.

After all, thousands of articles have been written about the swimming pigs and how much fun they are for lucky tourists visiting Exuma.

But then, at the bottom, we spotted something new – there is a children’s book about the swimming pigs, published in 2010.

Seriously? We just have to check this out. Written by Jennifer R. Nolan, The Secret of Pig Island tells the story of a young boy who, atfter hearing about the swimming pigs, ventures out to see them on his own.

I suppose we shouldn’t be TOO surprised. Music videos, documentaries, films, supermodel photo shoots … and now, children’s literature? It was only a matter of time. You can check out Nolan’s tome here:

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