Explore A Beach Where You Can Swim With Cute Little Piglets

The Bahamas is one of the famous tropical spots in the Caribbean islands, where you can do a lot of summer time activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling along the Andros Barrier Reef or off the isle of Bimini, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, ride a yacht and go fishing, lounge around in one of their well-known luxurious resorts, have a romantic time with your loved one and enjoy the scenery, or probably mingle with the locals if you’re single.


Even so, you can find more unique things in this magnificent archipelago, besides beautiful tan-skinned women whom you can share a dry martini with, James Bond style. In this place where pirates once hang around burying their treasures, lies a hidden gem that has something other beaches in the world don’t have. Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island located in Exuma district of the Bahamas, is home to a family of castaway pigs, according to the Independent.

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The world’s weirder snorkeling spots

We made it onto CNN’s website as the explore they world for the odder places to visit during the summer vacation period!
The #SwimmingPigs made it right up there in the # 2 spot!!
We Rule!
The article excerpt below:

Swim with the pigs: Bahamas

The only permanent residents on uninhabited Big Major Cay in the Bahamas, feral pigs have become the ultimate beach bums, sunning themselves on the sand, then dashing into the blue waters of the Exumas.
It’s not clear how this family of some 20 pigs and piglets came to make their home on a deserted island; legend has it that their ancestors escaped a long-ago shipwreck, but today, they survive by drinking from the three natural springs on the island and eating treats dropped by visitors and sailors on passing boats.
160919111140-snorkeling-bahamas-pig-exlarge-169  Resident pigs on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas regularly take to the water.
Videos of these loveable, friendly porkers have gone viral, and you can now swim with them, getting into the warm, tropical water, strapping on a snorkel to meet them underwater, snout to snout.
Outfitters on the Exumas offer the trip for about $110.
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When Pigs Swim™ movie featured on the Today Show as well as our #SwimmingPigSelfie

Flip on your daily dose of internet and social media and you are sure to find us frolicking with the stars!
Recently The Today Show and NBC’s Kerry Sanders, came on down for a swim with the cool crew and wouldn’t you know it, not only our When Pigs Swim™  movie and fab director Charlie Smith get a feature, but everyone go into the swing of things and we’d say we’ve made some new fans!
Also featured was, of course, our #SwimmingPigSelfie that takes to instagram @exumadream every month!

Check out Today’s Show feature that aired on June 14th, 2016
Swimming pigs? Take an inside look at this Bahamas phenomenon Just off Staniel Cay, in Exuma, there’s a tiny uninhabited island, Big Major Cay, an island with pigs…that swim!

Time for the Doc!

The Exuma Foundation of Canada, in cooperation with the Bahamas Humane Society, is pleased to announce an official veterinarian program for the world famous swimming pigs of Exuma.

Professionals have always visited the pigs when needs arise, but starting in 2016,  representatives from the Bahamas Humane Society will visit the pigs bi-annually to assess their medical needs and administer treatment.

Check in for photos and updates from their visit with the vets!

swimmingpigs  2015-10-24 09.18.35-1

If you would like to make a donation towards this new program, you can write us at [email protected] or [email protected]


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